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My Education and Training…



I earned my M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I chose Pacifica for a number of reasons, the foremost of which was their understanding of the importance of the soul. I had noticed that many people had difficulty expressing their truest selves, whether due to conditioning or fear. I longed to be able to help people to comfortably exist in a place that was most nourishing and supportive. I also wanted to facilitate deeper and more meaningful connections. At Pacifica, I developed a love of expressive arts and Depth Psychology. I had the opportunity to delve into the works Carl Jung, James Hillman, Carl Rogers and Marion Woodman, just to name a few.  It was a powerful experience that helped me to better understand the importance of ritual, tradition, imagery, the subsconscious, collective unconscious and the list goes on.


Over the past twenty years I have used mindfulness and meditation to uncover my gifts.  The use of mindfulness also plays an integral role in my work with clients. As a therapist, who practices mindfulness personally, I am better able to relate authentically to my clients.  Through this authentic relationship people tend to find an ability to forgive themselves and find a kinder, softer path in life.


For the past ten years I have also been integrating Hakomi Therapy into my work. Hakomi is a body-oriented, mindfulness approach to therapy.  I am trained in Hakomi from the Hakomi Institute in California, and I believe that the combination of expressive arts and Hakomi can help people, kids and adults alike, reach their fullest potential.  


I have also earned my 200 Yoga Alliance Teaching credential.  I have found immense healing on the mat.  My hope is to work toward integrating yoga therapeutics in my private practice to aid with illness, depression, cancer treatments, anxiety, etc.  Yoga is an integral art of my life and it translates well into my work as a therapist. 


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