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"I can't say exactly what happened. I don't know. Something clicked one day in her office and I felt my anxiety lift. It might have been me who finally put two and two together to unlock the puzzle, but Mary created the space that allowed me to do it. She supported me with empathy and humor through the preceding years, and she gave me the tools to move forward." LH


"It can be hard to admit one needs helping hand sometimes; but Mary was perhaps the most caring and intelligent person I've ever turned to for support. I was taking care of my mother who was terminally ill. Mary was extremely intuitive and in touch with my needs. I connected with her instantly because she was genuine and honest from the beginning. I didn't have turn circles to explain myself to her and she supported me through some very intense experiences. It isn't always easy and she acknowledges that with you. She doesn't just watch from afar and analyze, but rather she accompanies you on a journey of discovery. She lets you lead the way, but also knows when to apply her expertise and some boundaries to keep things in perspective. She knows when to be real, when to be in awe, when laugh and when to hold with respect the very things that try us day in and day out. With Mary there was no, "and how did that make you feel?" but rather, "what did/do you feel physically?" Through my work with her I was able to learn mind-body coping mechanisms to keep me healthy  and strong. She taught me how to understand the queues our bodies give us so that we can better take care of ourselves. I recommend Mary to anyone wanting a genuine experience and a real, honest, down to earth person to talk to and to have help in holding their experiences with. I always look back on my time with her fondly." JN


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